-Brand Story-
What urges you to run?
When people ask you about this,you don’t have to answer,
since what drives you is your nature.
Huluanpao” is so far the first race in the world dedicated to pay a tribute to
freedom” and “easiness” via running.
Water is easy as well as free.
It doesn’t limit itself to just one form of being,
but can have all kinds of possibilities in its flow.
Actually, every runner is like water.
Like torrents, and creeks. Like waves, and falls. They have a mind that can be as peaceful as water,
whereas a heart that follows the rhythm of flux and reflux is also pumping in their chests.
Be as free as water.
Run in your own style and don’t get fettered by talents, outfits, speeds or ranks.
That’s the idea that “huluanpao” wants to deliver to every runner.
With everyone running by the water,
people would run into the picture scroll of nature,
while water would form a new landscape with people merged in. That’s where “huluanpao” will take you to. That’s all.
Running is about forgetting yourself and meeting what your freedom has reflected in the water.